Nov 06

New experience

by in South-East Asia trip

Our plane, Boeing 777-300ER

Finally, summer is over and I’m starting to travel seriously again. I always wanted to write this blog in english, so I finally decided to actually write in english. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyways, we started planning this trip years ago. Maybe even at high school. We always wanted to go to Thailand as a group of friends, have a good time, attend parties and all the silly things we were thinking about at that time. This spring we revisited the idea and started to seriously think about it. And by the end of the March, we bought tickets. For real. It was 7 of us, but by the end of summer, we (I) persuaded 4 more people and 1 cancelled the ticket. And that was it – trip to South Asia, in a group of ten people.

I love solo traveling. I kind of like traveling in small group (from time to time), but traveling in this large groups? This might be the first and the last time.

My experience of wanting to go somewhere as a group is, that what you won’t do, nobody will. So I’m basically buying all tickets, and accommodation, and communicating with all the people at those places… and it’s kind of tiring. That’s basically the main reason for not wanting to go to this kind of trip again, unless someone else will do all the hard work.

About the actual trip. We are flying from Prague to Bangkok and back from Singapore to Prague, with a 27 hours stopover in Dubai. From 6th to 24th November. The plan is to get from Bangkok to Singapore and visit at least 2 islands. We already booked flight from Bangkok to Ko Tao, and boat + bus from Ko Tao to Krabi, but nothing further. We might visit Malaysia (Langkawi or Kuala Lumpur) but we just don’t know yet. AirAsia has cheap flights even few days before flying, so we’ll figure it out on the way. Lean thinking 😉

Even though this is the longest trip I’m attending, I think I packed myself the least. Including notebook and 1l of slivovica (for healthy reasons of course), I’m still under 10kg. Lots of place for souvenirs and gifts 😉

Packed for 3 weeks

That’s all for now. Next post will be from Bangkok, I hope.

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